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Countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics, the leading figures on the ice are getting better | Wu Dajing | Beijing Winter Olympics | Sui Wenjing_Sina Technology

Original title: Countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics, leading figures on ice are getting better

On December 26, Sui Wenjing (first left in the front row) and Han Cong (second left in the front row) at the 40-day countdown celebration of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Photo courtesy of Visual China

There are only more than 30 days left before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the preparations for the Chinese Army have also entered the final sprint stage. On December 26, at the demonstration activity of “Bringing 300 Million People to Participate in Ice and Snow Sports” in Beijing, Wu Dajing, the captain of the Chinese short track team, and Sui Wenjing/Han Cong, the first pair of Chinese figure skating pairs, appeared in the public rarely. before. Talking about the recent status, all three gave positive comments, which undoubtedly gave the outside world more confidence in China’s short track speed skating and figure skating achievements in the Olympics.

Since Yang Yang won the gold medal for the Chinese team in the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, short track speed skating has been the Chinese team’s main gold medal. Among the 13 Winter Olympic gold medals that the Chinese team has won, Short track speed skating contributed 10 times. On October 16 this year, the Chinese short track team held a new season’s departure ceremony. Ni Huizhong, director of the Winter Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, described the Chinese short track team as “ice knives” and said that the Chinese delegation was at the Beijing Winter Olympics. What kind of results can be achieved, the short track speed skating team will play the main role.

As the captain of the Chinese short-track team and the only active Winter Olympic champion of the Chinese short-track team, Wu Dajing’s state has attracted much attention. However, since the start of the short track speed skating World Cup in the new season in October, Wu Dajing’s results have been lower than expected in the first three races, or affected by his state. The first stop of the World Cup in Beijing, China. After about two years away from the international arena, Wu Dajing finally once again stood on the individual main event, the men’s 500-meter final. However, at the moment of the start, he was accidentally out of the game due to a foul run. In the second stop of the World Cup in Nagoya, Japan, he won the group third in the men’s 500m quarter-finals and did not enter the semi-finals. In the third stop of the World Cup in Debrecen, Hungary, he and his teammate Ren Ziwei were knocked down by South Korean player Huang Daxian in the 500-meter final.

In the three World Cup matches, the personal events have been delayed, and the media and fans can’t help but have questions: What happened to Wu Dajing? On December 26, when Wu Dajing recalled this experience, he also said that during that time, he almost lost confidence.

Fortunately, on November 27th, in the last race of this season’s short track speed skating World Cup held in the Netherlands, Wu Dajing finally broke out. He took the lead in the men’s 500m final and won the championship in 39.878 seconds. Wu Dajing said that this belated champion is very important to help him regain his confidence. He said that he is the only Olympic champion in the men’s 500-meter short track speed skating event, the world record protector, and the creator of the fastest time this season. He should have confidence in himself.

It has to be said that the impact of the epidemic on athletes from all countries is still very large. Wu Dajing’s 39.878 score in the Netherlands station is still far from his personal best, but this result is enough to make him in today’s world. Bingtan is proud of the crowd. Wu Dajing is the only player who has slipped within 40 seconds in the men’s 500 meters since the start of the season. In Wu Dajing’s view, slipping within 40 seconds is just a normal level for him. Therefore, although there are many competitors including South Korea’s Huang Daxian and Hungary’s Liu Shaolin, Wu Dajing believes that the biggest in the Beijing Winter Olympics The opponent is still himself. The outside world also believes that as long as Wu Dajing can exert his absolute strength, he will be far ahead of him when he won the men’s 500m championship at the Pingchang Winter Olympics, and no one can pose a threat to him.

On December 23, the Winter Games Center of the State General Administration of Sports issued an announcement that Wu Dajing has directly qualified for the Beijing Winter Olympics and does not need to participate in the team trials. This allows Wu Dajing to devote himself to preparing for the final sprint of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Among. This veteran, who is about to set foot on the Olympics for the third time, hopes to adjust his condition to the best, and believes that satisfactory results will be achieved by then.

Like Wu Dajing’s trough, the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics by the first pair of pair skating Sui Wenjing/Han Cong in China are not all smooth sailing.

Injuries are the biggest problem for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics double skating silver medalist. Before the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Sui Wenjing underwent ankle surgery in 2016. At the time, she was only 21 years old and once doubted whether she could stand on the ice rink again; after the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Sui Wenjing again Suffering from a fatigue fracture of his right foot, Han Cong underwent hip surgery in April last year.

Due to injuries and treatment, Sui Wenjing/Han Cong missed most of the games last season. Until the figure skating World Championships held in March this year, Sui Wenjing/Han Cong finally returned from injury and won the silver medal.

After the start of this season, Sui Wenjing/Han Cong’s condition continued to improve, winning consecutive championships in the World Figure Skating Grand Prix in Canada and Italy. On December 26, Han Cong introduced his recent situation with Sui Wenjing in an interview, “Our current physical condition has basically reached 100%, and the previous injuries and illnesses have also been treated and recovered. From the perspective of training. , We are still in the process of continuous improvement, and the next step will be to pay more attention to the quality of the action. After the two Grand Prix, we made some adjustments to the sequence and connection steps of the program, so as to ensure that the second half of the program will be Smoother.” Han Cong said confidently, “Our current program difficulty score can reach the highest level in the world, so we are not afraid of war, and we are very confident and eager to compete. Now there are only 40 days left. We Just need to be yourself.”

At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Sui Wenjing/Han Cong sadly passed by with the gold medal. The two men’s desire for gold medals became stronger in the battle at the door of the house. However, the two do not want to be overwhelmed by the pressure of winning gold, nor do they want to pursue only achievements and technical moves. Sui Wenjing said, “We are engaged in figure skating not only to achieve our (competitive) goals, but also because we like skating. We hope that more people will know that enjoying figure skating is not simply to complete technical actions. We hope to use figure skating. Take it to a higher level, so that more people can appreciate this sport.”

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