Country singer finds corpse

An American country singer made a gruesome discovery when he went for a run on New Year’s Eve: he fell on a corpse.

Singer Tyler Rich recounted his misadventure on his Instagram account. “It was not the way I had planned to end 2020,” he says.

Tyler had already run nearly 4 km in Chicopee Park in Massachusetts when he saw what he believed to be a homeless young man.

However, when he approached, he discovered that the man was lying face down on the ground. “’I turned around and went to see him,” Tyler says.

“I realized he wasn’t breathing and his face was covered in blood. All over. It looks like he was shot or beaten, ”adds the singer.

A couple of passers-by lent him a cell phone so that he could contact the authorities. He then spent almost an hour telling the police what had happened.

Tyler says he struggled for the hours that followed. He was able to learn more about the victim and spoke to his mother. He said it was the most difficult conversation he has had in his life.

An investigation is still underway to find out the circumstances of the young man’s death.


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