Coupe de France: he coaches fans of FC Saint-Brice and heals the minds of the pros

This Sunday, Jérémy Bayle will lead (with his partner Azzedine Hamdoune) the fans of Saint-Brice (R1), Petit Poucet Ile-de-France, who face Gazélec Ajaccio (N2) in the 32nd finals of the Coupe de France. But this week, the co-coach Val-d’Oisien had put on his mental coach cap with professional footballers. He is currently taking care of two players from Didier Deschamps’ France team, but also pros playing in L1, L2 or abroad, young people in training centers, a L1 coach and two coaches in L2. A profession that the former pro at Louhans-Cuiseaux (D2) and Aris Salonika (Greek D1) embraced almost six years ago now after having obtained a European diploma in mental preparation at Liévin.

“I worked as a financial advisor and I discovered this profession by dissecting the finances of a player, he says. It clicked. The world of money was not my thing, but managing emotions and competing resonated with me. I threw myself into this new challenge by passing this diploma. “

Thanks to his network in the professional world, several dozen people have called on his services, including Baptiste Guillaume who is one of the best forwards in L2 with Valenciennes this season (11 goals). “A mental coach helps us perform. He’s a sort of psychologist in sport who will look for keys to things that can be a hindrance for us such as a bad relationship with a coach or a teammate, or the fact of not being able to manage the pressure, explains the former striker of Lens, Lille and Strasbourg. This person, in whom we will confide and sometimes let go of big secrets, will allow us to let go and then be ready and give 200% of everything. “

“My job scares the coaches”

“I’m here to get them moving and also to help them take a step back,” adds Jérémy Bayle. The pros are looking for consistency in performance and supporting the arrival of the young shoots while the youngsters need to gain some playing time and understand what the coaches want. The technician continues. “The prescriber is important. I am free and I can do my job optimally because I am not the club, the coach, the family, the wife or the friend. If the player is better, he performs and if he performs, he will call on me. Beyond the financial aspect, I take my foot humanly speaking. This is my quest! “

Sessions with players take place at home or by Skype. “I watch the player’s last 3 games before each session. Then I identify the brakes with him and try to lift them. Players are more often looking for excuses instead of finding solutions. For example, we often do role plays but I don’t do any tactical work. My job scares the coaches because there are many dream salespeople in my profession. I am a coach facilitator. I decipher a difficult situation with a coach because I myself am one. If a Lyon player tells me: Rudi Garcia don’t play me, i don’t understand. I answer him: first the team turns, then what are the actions you put in place to find your place? What percentage are you compared to the work he asks you for? When you put numbers, the player readjusts and gets better. “

“This course is great for the whole club which is family”

The mental coach offers packages over one season or over three months. The price fluctuates depending on the player’s status. On the other hand, it offers its sessions to young people from the training centers it deals with. The results are positive, but how much do the players estimate the role of the mental coach in their performance? “A large percentage,” answers Baptiste Guillaume. It allowed me to grow as a man, to know myself better, to emancipate myself, to impose myself because I was too nice and in football you must not let yourself be walked on. From the moment you feel better about yourself as a man, it is easier to approach matches and everything that happens on a daily basis in the life of a footballer. “

In his very busy schedule, the mental coach puts on his coaching cap with the fans of FC Saint-Brice during 2 of the 3 weekly training sessions plus Sunday’s match. This will be historic for the Val-d’Oisiens against Gazélec Ajaccio in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France. “This course is great for the whole club which is family-friendly,” he said. It’s important to provoke positive emotions and to feed off that. “

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