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Coupe de France: without mercy, Paris FC crushes Cayenne 14-0!

It is not known if the Guyanese of Cayenne will have lasting memories of their trip to Paris. Started with a video of encouragement from Karim Benzema on social networks, their day of celebration turned into a little nightmare on the Charléty field. Reduced to ten after the expulsion of his goalkeeper at the end of the first period, Cayenne broke down to leave with a severe… 14-0! The Paris FC forwards have, them, taken care of their statistics and filled up with confidence before receiving Bastia next Friday (9 pm) in Charléty to continue their good series in Ligue 2 (3 victories in a row).

What you must remember

Paris FC had a great time. With several holders at rest (Demarconnay, Siby, Chergui, Camara) or on the bench (Hanin, Guilavogui, Caddy …), the resident of L2 lined up a remodeled team where the young Yoan Koré (17 years old) held for the first time in pro. After several attempts like this ball stung from Jaouen Hadjam (9th), the Parisians waited until the 26th minute to materialize their overwhelming domination on a beautiful strike from Moustapha Name (1-0, 26th). After the expulsion of the Cayenne goalkeeper and Name’s free kick (2-0, 44th), Paris FC was merciless by scoring… 12 goals in the second half.

Removed from the pro group for a month in September and since confined to the reserve team (N3), Lamine Diaby Fadiga, who came into play in the 62nd minute, scored a hat-trick in 12 minutes (65th, 70th, 77th) just like Morgan Guilavogui. Migouel Alfarela, unhappy in recent weeks and mute since the first day in L2, has scored a double, as well as Gaëtan Laura, who had not scored since August 16. Thierry Laurey took the opportunity to launch midfielder Noé Masevo (20) for the first time as a pro and bring in for the second time in the Coupe de France (after Sedan), defender Loup-Diwan Gueho (17).

The fact of the match

Author of a good start to the match, Guyanese goalkeeper Stéphane Roman was sent off for a foul outside the area on Gaëtan Laura (42nd). On the free kick, his replacement Nathanyel Alexis, who had not yet touched the ball, must bow on the strike of Moustapha Name (2-0, 44th). Already in difficulty, CS Cayenne, ten against eleven, logically cracked physically in the second half.

The player: Moustapha Name

The Senegalese international who will leave for the African Cup of Nations (January 9-February 6) was delighted by scoring a hat-trick: a nice strike from 20 m (26th), a direct free kick (44th) and dragging in the area after a poorly cleared ball (52nd). After unblocking the situation, the defensive midfielder who scores his first treble in pro, came out in the 62nd minute when the score was 4-0 to let his teammates continue the festival.

The number: 14

The number of goals scored by Paris FC. The biggest victory in its history.

The reaction

“I had never won 14-0 in my career. It’s a perfect evening. We were serious and we respected the opponent until the end. But the score is far too wide from the moment this Cayenne team loses its goalkeeper who was undoubtedly their best player. I congratulate this team of which I had seen the match of the 7th round. There they played in different conditions and at ten it was too complicated for them. At 8-0, I was already unhappy for the staff and the opposing players. In the end, it was too easy for us. But I couldn’t ask my players to stop playing and scoring. We did what we wanted to do, put some back on their feet and launch some young people. They come to train with us, they show great things and they are rewarded. We are there to make them grow. At first, we sometimes tripped over the carpet but I really liked the pace we set. On an individual level, I hope it will give some confidence to have managed to score. We are in the same state of mind as the last few weeks in the league, it’s important to end the year well. The only downside is Julien Lopez’s thigh injury. Hope it’s not too bad. ” Thierry Laurey, Paris FC coach

Match sheet

PARIS FC (L2) – CS Cayenne (R1 Guyana): 14-0 (2-0)

Arbitre : M. Miguelgorry.

Buts. Name (26th, 44th, 52nd), Diakité (56th), Diaby Fadiga (65th, 70th, 77th), Alfarela (71st, 76th), Guilavogui (74th 84th, 86th), Laura (82nd, 88th).

Expulsion. Cayenne: Roman (42nd).

Paris FC : Filipovic – Koré, Bernauer, Kanté (cap.) (Gueho, 62nd), Hadjam – Name (Diaby Fadiga, 62nd), Demoncy, Diakité (Mesevo, 62nd) – Alfarela, Laura, Lopez (Guivalogui, 34th). Entr. : Laurey.

Cayenne : Roman – Maimbre, Joigny, Hospice (Mathias, 69th), Houin – Charmon (Silva Ferreira, 25th, then), Raymond, 69th), Edwidge, Desmangles (Tisserand, 69th) – Issorat, Habran (Alexis, 44th). Entr. : Falgayrettes.

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