Couple: Eudoxie Yao and Grand P separated? the Ivorian gives the proof (photo)

Love between Ivorian stars Eudoxie Yao and Guinean Grand P is an open secret. What started as a simple buzz has over time grown into a love story that fuels discussions on social media.

At each public appearance, thousands of fans react and who do not hesitate to identify with these 2 personalities whose rapprochement nothing foreshadowed.

This weekend, the go bobaraba shared a photo of herself alongside her darling Moussa Sandiana Kaba, alias Large P.

The commentary read, “Me and my fiancé. You who are worried there, know that we are still a couple and it is big love. Have a good weekend, we love you all ”.

A way for the couple to silence the rumors about an alleged separation between the two (2) popular figures of social networks.

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