Couple hugging and basking in love on the street… The sprinkler car suddenly passed by her boyfriend and the girl who “operated by God” was stupid | International | CTWANT

As the saying goes, “Husbands and wives are birds of the same forest, and when disaster strikes, they fly separately!” Only in times of crisis can people show their true nature. When a couple faces difficulties, they may not be able to share weal and woe, let alone a couple? In the face of danger, how many people can disregard their own safety, come forward, and desperately protect their lover? A real scene recently appeared on the streets of Guangdong, mainland China. A couple hugged on the side of the road. Suddenly a sprinkler passed by. The man’s reaction was chilling.

According to comprehensive Lu media reports, a young couple in Maoming, Guangdong were hugging on the street a few days ago, and suddenly a sprinkler drove towards them. Unexpectedly, the man left his girlfriend and turned around and rushed into the street. In his store, his girlfriend was stunned by his “God Manipulation”! The woman never imagined that the man who always kept saying that he loved her would turn out to be such a thing.

A couple hugged on the side of the road, and suddenly a sprinkler passed by, and the man’s reaction was chilling.

After the picture was exposed, netizens expressed their opinions one after another. Some people bluntly said, “This kind of boyfriend is absolutely necessary! When there is danger, he will immediately leave his girlfriend and run away alone! Such a man who does not take responsibility. , usually very selfish people! This woman should break up with her boyfriend decisively!”.

Some netizens said, “Once there was an earthquake here, my boyfriend left me and rushed downstairs alone! This kind of man is really unreliable! I broke up with him immediately”, “Young man His subconscious has already explained everything! He is indeed a selfish person! I am afraid this kind of boyfriend is unreliable”, “It’s just a sprinkler driving over, this woman’s boyfriend will leave her”.

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