Courcelles: after a week of school, is wearing a mask from 6 years old still respected?

The first week of school after the return from the Toussaint holidays ends this Friday. In Courcelles, near Charleroi, the decision to make the wearing of a mask compulsory from 6 years old in the primary schools of the town has caused a lot of talk. Some players in education, pediatricians and parents were strongly opposed to it: they find the idea inadequate to fight the coronavirus. If the majority of parents played the game on Monday, are they as many to comply with the mayor’s decision today?

On average, 80% of students wore the mask this week in primary schools in the town. “Although some parents are totally opposed to it, others bowed to it”, notes Corine Rosart, the director of Saint-Lambert and Saint-Luc schools. Figures that confirm the mayor of Courcelles Caroline Taquin in her choice: “This confirms that parents were not reassured either to go back to school in Code Red. We previously had clusters in families, in schools, classes that have closed. So our desire to guarantee that the schools can remain open as long as possible required the wearing of the mask which is essential “.

The measure is therefore well respected, but is it effective? For the bourgmestre, it is too early to tell. “It is necessary to practice this measurement for 2 to 3 weeks to be able to judge its effectiveness”, she believes. Thus, wearing a mask remains compulsory in primary schools in Courcelles until December 13.


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