The Oral Trial Court in Criminal Matters of Talagante He found a man guilty of the femicide of his partner in the restaurant “La Carreta” in the commune of Padre Hurtado, in August 2016.

In a unanimous ruling, the Criminal Oral Trial Court of Talagante issued a convicting verdict, that is, it found Luis Eugenio Orellana Marchant guilty as the perpetrator of the completed crimes of femicide and also illegal possession of firearms, illicit perpetrated inside of the restaurant “La Carreta”, where he was the owner.

It is a case that generated a great echo in public opinion because Orellana, at that time 71 years old, said that he had killed his partner by mistake, arguing that the fact occurred after having perceived that he was being the victim of a robbery, shooting his partner who was 30 years younger than him.

However, now the Criminal Oral Trial Court of Talagante has found him guilty of the crime of femicide and illegal possession of firearms. As noted, the sentence will be read this Saturday 20.