Court revokes the arrest of José Luna in the case ‘Gangsters of politics’

Jose Luna Galvez will continue to be investigated for the case “Politics gangsters” on freedom.

At three in the afternoon this Saturday, as he learned The Republic, the Anti-Corruption Appeals Chamber made up of the superior judges Ramiro Salinas, Guillermo Piscoya and Marco Angulo, it read its resolution to the parties at a hearing, ordering the release of the rest of those involved.

The measure that revokes the preliminary detention requested by prosecutor Sandra Castro also benefits former officials of the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) who appealed: Adolfo Castillo Meza (who withdrew his appeal at the hearing), Oscar Nieves Vela, Fernando Obregón Mansilla, Laura Silva Seminario and Enrique Pajuelo Bustamante.

This newspaper was able to talk with the legal defense of José Luna, Mateo Castañeda, who specified that this judicial decision was given “because there is no indication of procedural danger (escape or obstruction) in my sponsor.”

In addition, the lawyer maintained that the founder of the party We can Peru He is currently in a local clinic. “He was in intensive care in May and has had two readmissions. One from October 23 to November 1 and another on 4 this month, specifically for an algin problem in the chest. Three days ago he was also operated on for a cardiac catheterization ”, he added.

Target organization

According to information previously published by this newspaper, the prosecutor Sandra castro He began this investigation arguing that there was a criminal organization that operated since 2016, with approximately 14 members.

Among the actions carried out by this group, the prosecution also identified an active participation and interference in the illegal election of the head of the ONPE, Adolfo Castillo Meza and in the takeover of this institution to achieve the registration of the aforementioned political party, pressuring and conditioning senior public officials to achieve their objectives.

In total, the alleged criminal network had committed various crimes such as bribery, influence peddling, incompatible negotiation and illegal sponsorship.

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