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A US federal court has temporarily suspended a large order from the American military for the software company Microsoft after a lawsuit from Amazon. A federal judge granted the online mail order’s application for an injunction. Amazon had originally given itself hope of the $ 10 billion deal and claimed it had failed to win the bid due to “undue pressure from President Donald Trump”.

The dispute over the so-called Jedi project is about new cloud software that is intended to enable the Pentagon to store and process secret data using artificial intelligence in the future. The ten-year contract was surprisingly awarded to Microsoft last October, although Amazon’s cloud service AWS had long been a favorite. Amazon then filed a lawsuit.

With the verdict, Microsoft now has to stop working on the project. Microsoft was disappointed with the court decision, but made sure that it could still implement the project. There was no direct response from the Department of Defense or Amazon. The reasoning of the court also remained under lock and key.

Trump and Amazon have been in a clinch for some time

Amazon accuses Trump of interfering illegally in the award process. This was the “most plausible” explanation for several “obvious, inexplicable” technical errors that led to the award to the competitor Microsoft, the group said in December. Trump and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world according to Forbes magazine, have long been in a clinch. One reason: Bezos owns the newspaper Washington Postwho often reports critically about the president. Conversely, Trump has repeatedly criticized Amazon. Bezos has also become an enemy of others. Among other things, there were tensions between him and the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince recently.

Amazon’s lawyers want the contract award to be re-examined and decided again. They also want to force the US President and other government officials to testify under oath. “There is a lot at stake: the question is whether the President of the United States should be allowed to budget the [Verteidigungsministeriums] for his personal and political goals, “it said in December. The US Department of Defense has denied the allegations.

Amazon’s web platform AWS is the clear market leader in the lucrative cloud business with IT services and storage space on the Internet.


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