CoV in USA: The cold continues to fuel the pandemic

The cold weather is pushing people back into closed rooms, according to the Washington Post. Meetings outdoors would be fewer, and keeping the distance would be more difficult, it said. In the northeastern United States, too, infections have risen in the past seven days. The US states of New Hampshire, Illinois, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island are affected. According to experts, the increasing numbers of infections follow the development of the previous autumn and winter, so the “Washington Post” further.

Previously, the southern states had been badly shaken with a sharp rise in the number of cases. Overall, the number of infections fell by six percent in the last week and the number of hospitalizations by nine percent, the Washington Post refers to its analysis of the number of infections. According to the Johns Hopkins University on Saturday evening, 45,400,466 people have been infected in the United States so far, and 735,373 have died from the infection so far, according to these figures.


The US immunologist and presidential advisor Anthony Fauci was recognized for his work to date

Fauci: Worse than I would ever have predicted

The US immunologist and presidential advisor Anthony Fauci (80) said he was surprised by the extent of the pandemic. Although he already knew in February 2020 that “a lot of trouble” was imminent, “it got even worse than I would have ever predicted,” said Fauci on Tuesday evening at a gala of the New York Historical Society.

At the beginning of the pandemic, he would not have thought that more than 700,000 people in the USA and several million worldwide would die after being infected with the virus. “In my craziest and most pessimistic dreams, I would never have predicted it like that.”

“Historical” done

Fauci received the “History Maker Award” at the gala for his services to the American healthcare system. “America’s doctor” did not only do “historical” during the pandemic, said the chairman of the museum’s board of trustees, Pam Schafler, in support of the reason.

Fauci was connected via livestream, all guests at the event in the museum on Central Park in Manhattan had to show vaccinations and negative CoV tests. Previous winners include former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former New York Police Chief William Bratton.

US President Joe Biden

APA / AFP / Olivier Douliery

US President Joe Biden is not only hated by the Republicans because of his compulsory vaccination

Texas: Business lobby overturns vaccination ban

Meanwhile, the dispute in Texas continues over the compulsory vaccination declared by US President Joe Biden for various professional groups and for numerous private companies and civil servants. Many leading Republicans had described compulsory vaccination as an attack on citizens’ personal freedoms. At the beginning of last week, the Texan Prime Minister Greg Abbott declared all CoV vaccination obligations in his state to be invalid.

“I have an executive order banning compulsory vaccinations by any facility in Texas,” the governor tweeted. On Tuesday of this week, however, his bill failed in the Texan Senate. Above all, companies had rebelled against Abbott’s initiative and lobbied for compulsory vaccination, as “The Texas Tribune” reported on Monday.

Abbott himself is fully vaccinated. “The Covid-19 vaccine is safe, effective and our best defense against the virus, but should always remain voluntary and never be enforced,” he said in advance of his advance.

Affected around a hundred million people in total

At the beginning of September, in view of the sharp rise in the number of infections, Biden announced a compulsory CoV vaccination for federal employees and employees of government contractors. In addition, companies with more than 100 employees should have to ensure that their employees are vaccinated or tested once a week. According to Biden, the measures affect around one hundred million people.

The Republicans of ex-President Donald Trump had immediately announced an appeal against the vaccination requirements. Abbott is in open conflict with Biden not only on CoV policy. The two are arguing in court about a ban on abortion in Texas. In addition, Abbott had tightened the voting rights in his state against opposition from the Democrats.

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