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Chis situation, which is of concern to the regional public health directorate, is mainly linked to gatherings in private places and at the La P’tite Grenouille bar in Rimouski. Moreover, the establishment made the decision, on a voluntary basis, to close its doors.

“Since the start of this latest outbreak in Rimouski, we have been in close communication with public health, we can read on the store’s Facebook page. Although we have not been asked to close our doors, we make the decision to close our establishment temporarily, time to let the storm calm down. We want to be part of the solution, not the problem. We have provided our records to public health to help trace as many people as possible. ”

The management of the bar La P’tite Grenouille also wanted to set the record straight regarding the arrival, within its walls, of a promoter of the pornographic industry, David Hener. After the venue closed, the evening would have continued in a private apartment in Rimouski where, of course, physical distancing was not required.

“Regarding the coming of David Hener to Rimouski, we can guarantee beyond any doubt that his visit was in a personal capacity and, in any case, an event organized by us, wanted to specify the administration of the bar. The celebrations which preceded and followed its release in the “night life” of Rimouski are in no way sanctioned by our administration. Although our work is thankless and, in a way, our industry wants to be at the forefront of the party crowd, we believe that we can, with our collaboration, help limit the spread by serving as a point fall between public health and underground parties, making it easier to bring to light the various actors who took part. Good luck to all!”

Outbreak at Matane CHSLD

An outbreak occurred at the Matane CHSLD. “There are currently two residents and two employees infected,” indicates Sylvie Lamontagne, the media relations assistant of the Bas-Saint-Laurent Integrated Health and Social Services Center. A screening is underway on the second floor. The situation is taken care of. ”

In addition, the situation is stable in the other three outbreak sites in Bas-Saint-Laurent, namely the residences of the Bâtisseurs et des Sages de Matane and the University Family Medicine Group of Rimouski.

The 15 new cases in Bas-Saint-Laurent add to the toll which, since the start of the pandemic, has risen to 672 cases and 15 deaths. In addition to Rimouski-Neigette, the latest infections reported come from La Matanie and La Mitis. Bas-Saint-Laurent currently has 125 active cases and no hospitalizations are to be reported. On Friday, 549 screening tests were carried out in the region.

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