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Covid-19: a simple blood test could assess the risks of dying from the virus in patients

Predicting the risk of dying from Covid-19 would now be possible. Far from clairvoyance, researchers have worked on markers that increase the risk of death, detectable via a blood sample to identify patients likely to die from the virus.

How do I know if a infected person will be at risk of developing or not developing a severe form you Covid?

In addition to the comorbid factors which are aggravating how predict that a patient is more likely to die of the Covid than another?

Research published in the journal ScienceAdvances, this Friday November 26 show that it can be possible and it can even be detectable in the person’s blood.

Profiling to establish an early predictor of Covid-19 mortality

Researchers at the University Hospital of Montreal in Canada wanted to find a way to identify patients who could declare serious forms and die of the coronavirus.

They therefore carried out a “immunovirological profiling” to establish a “early predictor of mortality due to Covid-19“.

In their publication, they specify that “to identify early predictors of mortality within 60 days following the onset of symptoms “, they carried out” immunovirological evaluations on the blood plasma of 279 people “.

The researchers studied three markers in the blood of patients and two of them could serve as meaningful indicators.

The amount of virus RNA in the blood

First, there is the amount of coronavirus RNA present in the blood.

The researchers explain in their study that the amount was higher in the blood of patients who had developed severe forms and it was even more important in the blood of the sick deceased, as reported Futura Sciences.

This is therefore a first possible indicator.

The amount of specific proteins

The researchers then studied 26 proteins and their combinations, all involved in the patient’s immune response.

And it emerged that the deceased patients of the Covid had a amount of “these much higher proteins to those of the survivors. ”And the amount was also very high in the patients who had developed a severe form.

They therefore conclude that the lower the quantity of these proteins, the more the patients have “chances of developing a non-critical form of the disease”.

The amount of antibody

On the other hand, the quantity of antibodies analyzed in the blood of patients with Covid would not have no impact whether or not you develop a severe form of the disease.

“No noticeable and significant difference observed” anyway to be used as a preacher. Even though “results point out that altered specific antibody responses to SARS-CoV-2 may contribute to mortality.”

In conclusion, the study authors specify that “multivariate analyzes demonstrated that due to collinearity between several variables, a limited number of biological characteristics were sufficient to build robust models predicting mortality.”

Data which could therefore prove to be very useful for a personalized care and therefore suitable for patients with Covid.

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