Covid-19 affected six out of ten Barranquilleros

About six out of ten Barranquilleros were infected with Covid-19. This was reported by the National Institute of Health (INS) after announcing the preliminary results of the seroprevalence study, which seeks to determine the percentage of people who have had contact with the virus.

In the capital of the Atlantic, 55% of the population suffered the attacks of the disease, explained the director of the entity, Martha Lucía Ospina.

“In this city there is a confidence interval that goes from 51% to 60%,” explained the official during the television special ‘Prevention and Action’.

The INS director also mentioned that Leticia reached an infection level of 60% of its population, while the seroprevalence in Medellín is 27%.
In the middle of the presentation of these results, Ospina recalled that the seroprevalence study will be carried out in other parts of the country, to have a complete X-ray on the behavior of the virus.


Marcela Mercado, director of Public Health Research at INS, assured EL HERALDO that the sample that participated in the study is “totally representative”, taking into account that it was carried out based on the master base of the Dane.

“We were able to detect that more than half of the Barranquilleros have antibodies against the disease. The people who were chosen in a neighborhood represent what has happened in that sector of the city ”, he explained.

The official also highlighted that a 38% seroprevalence was detected in the city’s medical personnel: “Until we have a vaccine, the virus will continue to accompany us. Vaccination should be thought of health personnel, who are in the first line ”.

Finally, he highlighted the support received by more than 1,800 Barranquilla residents for the development of the seroprevalence study.

Duke’s Message

For his part, President Iván Duque called on the population not to trust or lower their guard by warning that the Covid-19 pandemic is still active.

“This cannot be for people to say, he already gave me, he does not give me again. These studies give us a level of confidence and important analysis, but no one can say that we are already on the other side, “said the president.


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