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Covid-19: after “whatever the cost”, make way for “whatever happens”

We knew that the “whatever the cost” was over. But faced with the recovery, as spectacular as it is worrying from the coronavirus pandemic in recent weeks, the executive had not yet found a formula to illustrate the action that would be his for French companies, which could once again suffer shortly from this brutal deterioration of the health situation.

It is now done with what “whatever happens” launched this Sunday by Bruno Le Maire, also assuring during the Great Europe 1-Cnews-Les Echos meeting that the State “will not let anyone down”.

Faced with this fifth wave coupled with the growing threat of the Omicron variant, and while the tourism or hotel and catering sectors are already undergoing cancellations, the Minister of the Economy has nevertheless assured: “We are out of whatever ‘it costs, it is not to come back to it’.

” Case by case “

It must be said that the state aid during the various confinements has largely weighed down the budget of France, at the same time inflating its already very large public debt. A return to mass subsidies, while the recovery had been taking place since last summer, would sound like a double failure of the government, both on the health level but also on the economic level.

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“Today, the crisis is weighing on very specific sectors such as events and restaurants,” said Bruno Le Maire, in opposition to the start of the Covid-19 crisis, where all sectors of activity were affected. “On a case-by-case basis, we will look, with supporting figures, at what the cancellations mean on the turnover of these sectors,” he added. And therefore to launch: “Whatever happens, rather than whatever the cost, we will remain present. We have not abandoned a single restaurateur, not a single event manager for two years, ”continued boss of Bercy.

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