Covid-19: almost 2 million positive cases since the start of the epidemic in France

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Since the start of the epidemic, France has been close to 2 million positive cases for the coronavirus, according to data from Public Health France. While the indicators remain high, however, the circulation of the virus is slowing down.

Nearly 2 million, precisely 1,991,233, positive cases for the coronavirus were confirmed in France on Monday, November 16, or 9,406 since the day before. This is revealed by the latest epidemiological point in France, a daily dashboard with key indicators for monitoring the epidemic. These data show that virus circulation remains high. The number of deaths has risen to 45,054 in total since the start of the epidemic, including 31,315 occurring in hospitals (+508 in the last 24 hours, against +302 on Sunday).

The numbers of hospitalizations continue to increase. Their levels are close to those of March and April 2020, with variations depending on the region. Thus, there were 2,065 new people hospitalized on Monday (against 1,574 the day before). Regarding resuscitation services, new admissions to intensive care were 366 on Monday, against 270 on Sunday. In France, 99 departments remain in a situation of high vulnerability.

Despite these increasing numbers, there is a slowdown in the circulation of the virus, as evidenced by declines in the incidence rate and the test positivity rate. A “favorable development”, according to the weekly report of Public Health France. “The tendencies to decrease the R-effective and to the lengthening of the doubling time of the number of hospitalizations and admissions in intensive care reflect a possible favorable evolution of the dynamics of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 compared to weeks previous “, he explains.

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