COVID-19: Around 80 years and over can register for vaccination

People aged 80 and over (born in 1941 or before) can register from today to get their COVID-19 vaccine in Montérégie.

The Montérégie Public Health Department made the announcement yesterday afternoon in a press release.

Its director, Julie Loslier, made a point of clarifying the fact that Montreal and Laval have now reached the point of registering those aged 70 and over for vaccination, but that this is not yet the case in Montérégie.

She explains that due to their epidemiological situation, these places have received proportionally more vaccines than the other regions, which explains this gap in the vaccination campaign.

However, the Direction de santé publique en Montérégie informs that so far more than 54,700 Montérégie residents have been vaccinated.

Vaccination continues for healthcare workers and residents in private seniors’ residences (RPA).

It started for the population aged 85 and over.

The pace will increase as of March 11, when more doses of vaccines will be delivered in Montérégie.

Journalist: Simon deschamps

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More information on vaccination with the Montérégie Public Health Department.

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