Covid-19 balance indicates more than 1.1 million deaths worldwide: India and the US lead figures | International

The new coronavirus pandemic has caused at least 1,111,152 dead in the world Since the WHO office in China reported the appearance of the disease in December, according to a balance established by AFP this Sunday at 11:00 GMT based on official sources.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 39,742,730 people have contracted the disease. Of these, at least 27,341,000 were recovered, according to authorities.

On Saturday, 5,302 new deaths and 372,882 infections were registered in the world. The countries that registered the most deaths according to the latest official balances are India with 1,033, the United States (661) and Brazil (461).

The number of deaths in the United States amounts to 219,289 with 8,106,752 infections. The authorities consider that 3,220,573 people were healed.

After the United States, the countries with the most fatalities are Brazil with 153,675 deaths and 5,224,362 cases, India with 114,031 deaths (7,494,551 cases), Mexico with 86,059 deaths (847,108 cases) and the United Kingdom with 43,579 deaths (705,428 cases ).

Among the hardest hit countries, Peru has the highest mortality rate, with 102 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Belgium (90), Bolivia (73) and Brazil (72).

China, without taking into account the territories of Hong Kong and Macao, registered a total of 85,672 infected people, of which 4,634 died and 80,786 were fully healed.

On Sunday at 11:00 GMT and since the beginning of the epidemic, Latin America and the Caribbean added 379,605 deaths (10,463,815 infections), Europe 249,826 (7,331,743), the United States and Canada 229,035 (8,303,073) , Asia 159,279 (9,673,315), Middle East 52,851 (2,299,676), Africa 39,552 (1,637,885), and Oceania 1,004 (33,223).

This balance was made using data from national authorities collected by AFP offices and with information from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Due to corrections by the authorities or the late publication of data, the increase in the figures published in the last 24 hours may not correspond exactly to those of the previous day.


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