Covid-19: Cameraman dies after spending 13 days asymptomatic – Medellín – Colombia

Consternation in the television media of Medellín has caused the death of cameraman Jaime Andrés Ríos, due to covid-19.

Ríos worked for the local television production company Tele5 and was one of the cameramen for the Colombian soccer broadcasts.

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“A month ago, he was tested and they gave him the results and it comes out positive but he was asymptomatic and took the 14 days, and with a day and a half to go out of quarantine he has a fever and cough. He communicates with an aunt, and on Friday (October 2) she called him and did not even answer the doormen on the intercom, so they decide to go looking for him and find him suffocated in his apartment, on the floor “, Juan Esteban Palacio, Ríos’s cousin, tells us.

Due to this, the cameraman was taken to the León XIII Clinic in the capital of Antioquia and was admitted to an ICU due to his delicate state of health. However, on Monday night, around 11:58 pm, he passed away.

“Speaking with the doctor, it is novel and shocking that there is the first case of an asymptomatic that is returns symptomatic missing one day for the 14 days to return to the supposed normality ”, Palace account.

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Ríos’s body was cremated in the early hours of Tuesday and Tomorrow Friday his ashes will be taken to the parish of Santa María de los Ángeles (in El Poblado neighborhood) where his father’s remains are also.

According to his cousin, Ríos had a vacation trip planned for October 20. That day he traveled to Madrid to visit his mother and brothers. “There I was going to look for a job as a cameraman in the Spanish Football League, I was very enthusiastic but it didn’t happen,” lamented Palacio.

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Jaime Andrés Ríos died at 38 years of age and had an outstanding career in regional television. He was part of Teleantioquia, Telemedellín, Caracol and finally on Tele5.

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