Covid-19: CFDT leader Laurent Berger criticizes “vertical” management of the crisis

“We are still in the management of this too vertical crisis”, estimated the head of the first French union on LCI on Wednesday.

“What is lacking is to involve the actors. Who are the actors? It is the economic world, the trade unions, the associative world which suffers enormously from the period but which is also a formidable relay of hope, of common, of collective. They are also the local authorities ”, developed the person in charge.

Recognizing that the management of the crisis is “a difficult exercise” and denying himself to be “in the systematic criticism”, he insisted on the subject of the decisions taken: “it has to make sense and that is what has been lost ”.

For Laurent Berger, the government “must understand one thing: it will not do everything on its own”, and must work “with all the economic and social players in this country, even political with the local authorities”.

He called on the executive to “not forget anyone by the side of the road”, while “the risk” is to “leave a whole section of the population: those who are in a situation of poverty” or “risk of to be forgotten by this recovery ”.

“Consequences on democratic precariousness”

While the CFDT has been calling since the first confinement for the establishment of a committee of experts that would measure the psychological aspect, Laurent Berger regretted that the executive “does not sufficiently consider the intangible, psychological aspect of what is happening ”.

“Job insecurity, economic insecurity, social insecurity, poverty… I am very afraid that this will have consequences on democratic insecurity. I fear a form of dropping out of a large part of the population who will try to get out as best they can, ”he said.

This fringe of the population “will no longer take part in the elections”, “will lose interest” in “the global choices that will be made and will narrow down to its concerns alone, without considering its implications for each other”. “This democratic precariousness is the risk of no longer forming a society, of bringing collective horizons to life. It’s very dangerous, ”warned Laurent Berger.

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