COVID-19: Delta-type cases There is a double risk of being seriously ill and requiring hospitalization.

A large study from England found evidence that people infected with COVID-19 Delta species People with alpha strain were twice as likely to fall seriously ill and need to be hospitalized.

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Experts point out The research, published in The Lancet, underscores the importance that people get vaccinated against the coronavirus. to reduce this risk

Vaccination reduces the risk of falling seriously ill regardless of the type of coronavirus infection. Currently, the Delta species The virus, which was first detected in India, has become a major epidemic in the UK. replace the alpha species which was first detected here

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The research was led by Public Health England (PHE) and the UK’s Medical Research Council. It analyzed data on 43,338 coronavirus cases between March and May, when both alpha and delta strains were spreading in the UK.

The results showed that Most of the people infected in this group are those who have not been vaccinated. And when comparing factors such as age, sex and ethnicity, it was found that people infected with Delta strain were twice as likely to end up in hospital. compared to the alpha species

The findings are also consistent with data from a recent study from Scotland comparing alpha and delta vulnerabilities.

Nurse administers vaccine jab to a young person at Central Middlesex Hospital in London, August 1st 2021

Britain began vaccinating people aged 16 and 17 earlier this month. and is considering injections for youth aged 12-15 soon

Data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that delta strains appear to be twice as contagious compared to earlier strains.

The CDC states that “delta strains Among these, there are those who have been fully vaccinated, including those that … can infect others.”

However, the CDC points out that those who are vaccinated seem to transmit the disease for a shorter period of time than those who are not vaccinated. To that end, President Joe Biden urged people to vaccinate, saying it is “the best way to protect us from new mutants”.

The latest analysis of PHE indicates that a full dose of the coronavirus vaccine is effective in preventing hospitalization.

  • 96% for Pfizer and Biotech vaccines
  • 92% for Oxford University and AstraZeneca vaccines

Another study in the UK indicates that Although the immunity obtained from 2 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine begins to decline over time. But the vaccine is still highly effective in preventing serious hospitalizations and death from delta strains.

More than 47.9 million people aged 16 and over in the UK have received their first dose of coronavirus vaccine, or about 88% of the population. Meanwhile, 42 million people, or about 78%, are fully vaccinated.


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