Covid-19: England’s “Freedom Day” gamble – fully unblocked as cases surge-BBC News

  • Norberto Paredes
  • BBC News

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Since July 19, most places in England no longer need to wear masks, but the London Underground still insists on requiring passengers to wear masks

The streets and lanes in central London seem to have returned to the pre-epidemic busy scene: busy traffic, traffic jams, shops open to welcome customers, and people are everywhere at a glance.

This is the street atmosphere on the eve of “Freedom Day”, commonly known in Britain.

Although the United Kingdom is still facing a surge in cases caused by the more infectious Delta mutant strain, on July 19, England’s remaining epidemic prevention restrictions were almost completely lifted.

Nightclubs in various places have reopened, social distancing requirements have been cancelled, and public events no longer have a cap on the number of people; masks are no longer required in most public places, but the London bus system will continue to require passengers to wear masks.

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