Covid-19: February holidays, “good news” in an attempt to curb the epidemic

A few days before the school holidays, the executive is blowing. What if the calendar turns out to be an unexpected ally in the fight against Covid? “That’s good, for once we have good news! »Slips a member of the first circle. From February 6 to March 7, schools close for two weeks, depending on the area. From Saturday, students from the academies of Besançon, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Grenoble, Limoges, Lyon and Poitiers open the ball.

“In the president’s decision not to reconfine, the imminence of the holidays was taken into account,” said a government adviser. Paradoxically, during holidays, there is a relative stability of the curves. It’s a time when people stay with their families, and ultimately move very little. This is what we saw at Christmas when we were predicted the disaster! “

No restrictions between regions

A kind of light self-containment? The mixes seem less numerous. The Defense Council, which is being held this Wednesday, must also consider how to better punish those who violate the curfew. “The new doctrine is we trust people, we empower, but we also verbalize more”, summarizes a member of the ministerial cabinet. The holidays are not coming Ole Ole. “Already, in normal times, the February holidays do not give rise to many departures,” recalls the Secretary of State for Tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. The 2021 vintage promises to be even more static. Ski lifts closed in ski resorts, almost no more air transport, bars and restaurants with the curtains down: the desire for a change of scenery will be limited. Concretely, the government anticipates that only 10% of people will pack their bags.

“The French can go on vacation,” insists Lemoyne. There are no interregional restrictions. However, we recommend caution and vigilance. If we visit the grandparents, don’t hesitate to take a test first. The executive also asked professionals to be flexible on the conditions for canceling reservations. Because everything can still change, against the backdrop of an explosion of variants. “Will there be additional measures decided during the holidays? Very smart who can predict what will happen in two or three weeks. In any case, we will keep the French informed, we promise Matignon. We try to be as transparent as possible. “

A week of school at home?

The hypothesis of extended holidays, mentioned last week by spokesperson Gabriel Attal, remains a scenario on the table. “But the most likely is that we do not change the duration of leave”, estimates in the entourage of the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer. One track is circulating, however: students could be imposed a week of home schooling at the end of the holidays, respecting the timetable for each zone. The protocols have already been reinforced, as in kindergarten where a positive case will be synonymous with class closure.

The choice to keep the classes open as much as possible is “a French exception”, we are proud of in the executive. “We consider that the benefits are greater than the disadvantages, which is why we keep the schools as much as possible,” sums up a strong advisor. We are in a country where there are many single-parent families, where the professional activity of women is high. And then, we know that closing classes is psychologically harmful for children. Not to mention the unequal aspect that this would constitute. “

It is also the decided opinion of Jean-Michel Blanquer, who continues to rise to the niche on the subject. “I see that when you return from the All Saints holidays, like the Christmas holidays, you have an epidemic curve which rises in the ten days which follow, he underlined at the end of January, on France 2. The contaminations came from the middle family, in social life, much more than inside school ”. Is the school a place of low contamination compared to the outside environment? In truth, scientific studies follow one another … and contradict each other. “There are two science schools on… the school,” summarizes a prominent advisor. In the meantime, no vacation for the executive. “It’s impossible, no one would understand that we are not on the bridge”, loose a communicator.

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