Covid-19: Five million Moroccans will receive a Made in China vaccine! | | Consonews

Five million Moroccans will be vaccinated with a Chinese Covid-19 vaccine! Indeed, the national press reports that Morocco will receive next December a batch of 10 million doses of a vaccine against the Coronavirus manufactured by the Chinese laboratory Sinopharma. With two doses needed per person, that means the 10 million doses will barely be enough for 5 million Moroccans.

The rest, Morocco will seek it from other international laboratories: AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Casina Pio, etc.

The country’s objective is to vaccinate 80% of citizens over 18, while not excluding extending this campaign to the youngest.

The vaccination operation will first concern personnel in the health and national security sectors. Vulnerable categories such as people over 65, patients with chronic diseases and pregnant women, as well as civil servants and public transport staff will follow.

Recall that according to a statement from the Minister of Health, the anti-Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Morocco will have to start at the beginning of next year.


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