Covid-19: Harvard researchers advocate for “m ** dic” tests –

For several weeks, Michael Mina, professor of epidemiology, has been campaigning for what he considered to be poor quality ‘crappy’ tests… namely, ‘null’ or more colloquially ‘shitty’. But for what purpose?

For less than a euro

Scientists from the prestigious University ofHarvard, to the United States, plead for the adoption of rapid tests to a dollar (about 0.85 €) to fight against the spread of the new coronavirus. These tests, less reliable, would have the advantage of being usable several times a week. As the French press specifies, the bet is therefore to bet on the quantity and repetition of the tests and not their quality.

Professor of epidemiology Michael Mina has long campaigned for these tests ‘crappy’ (bad, bad, crappy …). The idea is to do away with high precision molecular tests (PCR) knowing that in a large part of United States, these are still rare. Americans then have to queue for hours and wait several days or even a week for results.

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Like a simple pregnancy test

The teacher Michael Mina has proposed to the United States Medicines Agency (FDA) authorization to market these tests fast via a strip of paper that would change color in a quarter of an hour to give the result. It thus functions as a test of pregnancy.

“We are so committed to high-end and expensive testing that we don’t test anyone.”, lamented the scientist in the podcast This Week in Virology, report France Info. Michael Mina adding that “maybe we just need a null test”… And if he “is not so expensive that it can be used frequently, so it will detect maybe 85% of people with contagion, instead of less than 5%”.

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