Covid-19: help for large SMEs, moratorium on debts … the new measures for companies

To alleviate a little the concerns of professionals in the turmoil of Covid-19 – some of whom have no visibility on a reopening – the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire announced new aid, this Thursday, January 14, after the decision of the government to extend the curfew at 6 pm to all French territory “for at least two weeks”.

Aid of up to € 3 million to support large SMEs. Administratively closed businesses in the hotel and catering industry, tourism or even sports halls (sectors S1 and S1 bis) whose turnover is greater than one million euros per month will be eligible for support. up to 70% of fixed costs. This exceptional aid, capped at 3 million euros over the period from January to June 2021, will be added to the aid from the solidarity fund. “We are also working to extend additional aid on fixed costs to the smallest structures which would not generate a million euros in turnover per month, but which would have significant fixed costs,” said Bruno Le Maire. I am thinking in particular of sports halls, indoor activities, holiday centers. “

A strengthened solidarity fund. From now on, companies in the S1 Bis sector (agri-food, laundries, roasters, etc.) – regardless of their size – which lose at least 70% of their turnover, will be entitled to compensation covering 20% ​​of their turnover. business 2019 within the limit of 200,000 euros per month.

Distance selling and take-out will not be included in the calculation of the solidarity fund. This novelty will be the rule from the declaration of corporate income for the month of December 2020 (which will start this Friday) and will last until the solidarity fund is in place.

A facility with the State Guaranteed Loan (PGE). All companies, regardless of their size, will be able to obtain an additional one-year deferral to repay their EMP. Those subscribed in 2020 can therefore be reimbursed from 2022. “Business leaders will still have to make an appointment with their banker to request it,” we confirm at Bercy. But it should be allowed systematically. “

A deadline on debts. While most closed businesses have to pay off old debts, they will be able to apply for a moratorium. “The banks will examine favorably and in a personalized way the moratoriums or the extensions of deadlines necessary for the companies still undergoing restrictions of activity”, specified Bruno Le Maire.

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A special boost for winegrowers. Struck by the increase in customs taxes with the United States, wine growers will be able to benefit from the solidarity fund. If they lose 50% of their turnover (CA), they will benefit from compensation up to 15% of 2019 turnover, up to a limit of 200,000 euros per month. If the loss reaches 70%, the compensation will be 20% of the 2019 turnover, within the limit of 200,000 euros per month.

The gauges scrutinized in the shops. Jean Castex assured that the “strict respect of the gauges” will be controlled by the prefects. And while businesses are strongly urged to stagger their opening hours, or even open on Sundays, the gauges have not been downgraded in the end. At Bercy, we believe that we must first “check if they are well respected and then engage in discussions with supermarkets and department stores, the only ones affected by a possible reassessment”.

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