Covid-19: How Withings Connected Objects Help Research

Data to better understand and combat an epidemic. The manufacturer of connected health devices Withings announced on Wednesday several initiatives aimed at providing researchers with data measured by its devices and anonymized for science.

“We are contributing to the war effort against the Covid-19 by giving everything we can offer in terms of medical research,” says Eric Carreel, founding president of the SME in Issy-les-Moulineaux.

Concretely, Withings will deliver small quantities of its ScanWatch smartwatch to research institutes and the AP-HP, starting next week. Presented at the CES in Las Vegas in January, it is not yet marketed, but the production schedule has been shaken up in order to be able to collect precise data as close as possible to the patients.

In the process of being certified as a medical device, the device is measuring the oxygen saturation rate thanks to an optical sensor of pulsed saturation or “SpO2”.

Monitoring and scientific data

It will therefore be used to remotely monitor the state of health and the potential respiratory stress – materialized by a lack of oxygen in the blood – of victims of the virus kept at home by overwhelmed hospitals.

“This allows you to know, for example, if or when the patient at home should be hospitalized with continuous measurements of his oxygen saturation without any effort on his part,” explains Eric Carreel.

In order to fuel scientific work, the ScanWatch will also produce rich medical trends through regular measurements of oxygen in the blood which can detect an evolution of the symptoms of this respiratory disease.

Another connected object, the Sleep sleep sensor, on sale and therefore available in larger volumes, will complement the epidemiological study of the Institut Pasteur.

Donations from Connected Thermometers

It aims to “understand in particular how variations in heart rate and nocturnal respiratory disturbances can be precursory signs of the disease or concomitant with its evolution”, as the creator of Withings detailed in an e-mail sent Tuesday morning to its community of customers.

Finally, doctors, hospitals or research organizations will be able to benefit from the donation of a rapid and contactless temperature measurement tool, the Thermo. Out of stock, several thousand copies are on their way to France.

They will have to make a request to Withings by e-mail: [email protected]

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