Covid-19 in France: 160 deaths in hospital in 24 hours and 22,046 positive cases

The Covid-19 epidemic is not weakening in France. According to the latest published figures this Sunday by health authorities, 3,392 people are currently in intensive care in French hospitals due to Covid-19. Some 3,369 serious cases had been recorded the day before and 3,299 seven days ago. During previous waves of contamination, the number of patients in intensive care had reached 7,000 in the spring and 4,900 in the fall.

A total of 25,464 people are currently hospitalized with the novel coronavirus in the country, a number up after five days of decline. They were 26,401 last Sunday.

The 60,000 death mark soon to be reached in the hospital

The rate of contamination is also following a plateau. The health agency recorded 22,046 new cases in 24 hours, 22,371 on Saturday and 16,546 last Sunday. Numbers are often lower on weekends due to delays in reporting.

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The health authorities also list 160 deaths linked to Covid-19 which have occurred in the hospital in the past 24 hours, against 183 the day before and 167 last Sunday. Numbers again lower than the rest of the week, where we peak around 300. In total, 84,306 people have died of this disease in France since the appearance of the new coronavirus in our territory, including 59,826 in France. hospital.

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