Covid-19: In Martinique, 8 additional deaths in 24 hours, excess mortality in the city under surveillance

The director general of ARS Martinique, Jérôme Viguier held a press point this Friday afternoon. He largely returned to the indicators of the covid-19 epidemic on the island. If viral circulation is showing signs of slowing down, it is still way too high. Indeed, according to Jérôme Viguier, the incidence rate was in week 33 (August 16 to 22, 2021) of 875 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. According to the latest data available via Public Health France, it has fallen to 766/100 000 inhabitants since the beginning of this week.

Note that according to the latest updated data from Public Health France, the delta variant now represents 84.1% of contaminations. The downward trend is therefore confirmed after a very high plateau at the beginning of August. However, this decrease does not yet allow considering a relaxation of measures. In addition to the high level of epidemiological indicators, it is the situation of the hospital that is worrying.

Tense hospital situation

According to Jérôme Viguier, 511 people are hospitalized in total, including 118 intensive care patients. Nevertheless, according to Public Health France, as of August 26, there were 783 patients hospitalized for covid-19, including 151 in critical care and resuscitation. In this regard, the director of the ARS specified that the COVID reception capacity of the Martinique CHU had increased by 34 since the start of the fourth wave.

11 children are hospitalized in Martinique and 7 maternal lifesaving cesarean sections have been performed since the start of the 4th wave, giving rise to neonatal intensive care admissions of “very premature” babies. In addition, 579 patients suffering from covid-19 are hospitalized at home. To relieve the hospital, 27 patients suffering from covid-19 were evacuated to France, including 4 children. The pace of medical evacuations should accelerate at the rate of about twenty patients evacuated each week. Two large carriers will transport patients to France.

Still high mortality

Eight patients have died in the past 24 hours in hospital. There are now 419 deaths due to covid in hospitals, including 321 deaths since July 13, 2021. The fourth wave represents 72% of covid deaths since March 2020. The average age of people who died from covid-19 in Martinique is 73 years old. . The ARS and Santé Publique France are currently working on the evaluation of mortality in cities linked to covid-19 and to the general excess mortality in Martinique during the fourth wave.

According to first very fragmented estimates, covid-19 would represent 5% of deaths outside the hospital over the period. The general excess mortality exploded some weeks during the fourth wave representing a surplus of 40% compared to the data of 2019 and 2020. These data are for the moment incomplete given the difficulties in recovering death certificates from municipalities. Jérôme Viguier indicated that the ARS would shortly communicate about the excess mortality data in Martinique during this fourth wave.

Karl Lorand for RCI Martinique

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