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Covid 19: Kovid confirmed 151 more in Qatar

Doha, First Published Nov 26, 2021, 11:41 PM IST

Doha: Another 151 people have been confirmed to be covid in Qatar, according to the Ministry of Public Health. Another 119 people were cured in the country. A total of 240,278 people have been cured.

Of the newly confirmed Kovid cases, 145 are nationals and six are expatriates. No new deaths have been reported from Kovid. A total of 611 people have died of measles in Qatar. A total of 242,824 people have been confirmed by Kovid in the country. Currently, 1,935 people are being treated for Kovid. A further 20,117 Kovid tests were performed. So far, 2,972,002 Kovid tests have been conducted in Qatar. No one has been admitted to the intensive care unit with Kovid for the past 24 hours.

Attempt to smuggle drugs into Qatar; Thousands of intoxicating pills were seized

Doha: Customs officials have foiled an attempt to smuggle large quantities of drugs into Qatar. The drugs were seized by the Maritime Customs. The test found 7,330 narcotic pills.

The drug was discovered while inspecting a refrigerator truck engine at the port of Al Ruwais. The customs department has shared pictures of the seizure on social media. Authorities have repeatedly issued warnings against the importation of banned items into Qatar. Qatar Customs said it had state-of-the-art equipment and trained officers to catch smugglers at the border, adding that they could be identified even by the body language of the smugglers.

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