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“I asked for it too. I have no other projections than those we published in June, ”said the Premier of Quebec, Wednesday morning, in the press before going to the Blue Room for the question period.

“Me too, I ask Public Health to update this. But for now, they don’t have enough information to fully understand where we’re going, given the fact that there is a big increase in cases, but no increase in hospitalizations and deaths. “, Indicated Mr. Legault, the day after an official press conference where he was” very worried “about the current situation linked to the transmission of coronavirus.

“What I understand, when you look at the number of hospitalizations and the number of deaths, it’s pretty much in line with the forecast for June. On the other hand, there are really many more new cases than what we had expected in June. And it is the same in the other provinces.

“Here, what we wonder is how is it that there is a greater increase in cases, but no increase in hospitalizations and deaths. A big part of the explanation is probably that a lot of cases are in young people. Are there other explanations? Is the virus less potent? For the moment, public health does not have these answers, ”revealed Mr. Legault.

More clarity, more action

An hour earlier, a floor lower in parliament, the Parti Québécois, the Liberal Party and Quebec Solidaire in turn asked the government to add action to its pessimistic words of the day before.

“The Prime Minister is extremely alarmist and he absolutely must, for the sake of transparency, inform us of what is to come,” said Liberal Marie Montpetit, official opposition critic for health and who led the campaign. charge in the absence of his boss, Dominique Anglade, isolated awaiting his COVID screening result.

Ms. Anglade has just received her negative result on Wednesday and will be back in the National Assembly on Thursday.

“Quebeckers have made enormous sacrifices since the spring. We understand that the government will ask them to make new sacrifices, and it has a duty to be transparent so that we understand where we are going, ”added Ms. Montpetit, who also suggests tightening the screw. at bars like British Columbia has just done, where closing time is advanced to 11 p.m.

At the PQ, Pascal Bérubé asks for explanations on the regional alert code composed by four levels of green, yellow, orange and red.

“I have the impression that the color codes demonstrate the government’s concern more than a gradation of measures. Me [dans ma circonscription], in Bas-Saint-Laurent, we turned yellow, but I don’t know what that means! Then if we turn orange, I don’t know what that means either. So, it is more an indicator of government concern than of binding measures to come, ”estimates the one who occupies the post of interim leader until the election of a new leader to the PQ on October 9.

Difficult to enter the houses

Without dwelling on documents published by a citizen detailing with precision each level of the alert code which he qualifies as simple “working documents”, Prime Minister Legault indicated that the passage of one or more regions in the Moderate or orange alert area over the next few days is not confirmed.

“Not necessarily. When I look at the data today [mercredi], no. Well, obviously, what will it be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow … But not necessarily, ”he commented.

Mr. Legault has again hit the nail on the head of private gatherings, “in homes”. Expression repeated 12 times in 10 minutes by the Prime Minister.

“The main problem, the spread of cases in Quebec, happens mainly in homes. So, yes, there is a bit of it in bars, maybe there is in demonstrations, but the main problem is in the houses. But when it comes to bars and then demonstrations, at this point, I’m not excluding anything. Nothing is foreseen in the short term, but nothing is excluded there, depending on the evolution of the situation, ”explained Mr. Legault.

“In Quebec, to be able to enter a house, it takes a mandate. So, it is not easy, but we are not excluding anything at this time. There are discussions between Public Security and the DPCP [Directeur des poursuites criminelles et pénales] to see how we could possibly work. But it is certain that it is not easy to intervene in the houses. Then there are a lot of houses in Quebec. ”

Mr. Legault is not keen either to ask for more police interventions in anti-mask demonstrations, fearing to “make martyrs, in quotes, of these people”.

“It would be a disaster,” says Fitzgibbon

For his part, the Minister of Economy and Innovation said that “a second confinement, economically speaking, would be a disaster”.

“It is Public Health that decides and it is not the economy that will dictate whether there is another confinement or not, but it would be catastrophic”, said Pierre Fitzgibbon.

In the meantime, “there must be no bleeding” of business closures, continues Minister Fitzgibbon. His department is working on a new survival program for small businesses with fewer than five employees, mainly to help them pay their rent.

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