Covid-19. Lille researchers have developed a device to screen themselves thanks to its

Carry out detection tests Covid-19 via a smartphone may soon be possible thanks to a team of researchers from the University of Small. This has developed a diagnosis based on on a saliva sample placed on a mini-player plugged into a phone, the site reports Futura-Sciences. The reader is similar to a USB stick. The result is then displayed on the screen in a few minutes. The project is called Cordial-IT.

This “Portable and rapid surface plasmon resonance test for Covid-19” developed by scientists is intended to respond to emergency situations such as admissions, hospitalizations and surgeries. “This system is based on a smartphone to which you connect a USB key and you plug in a small detection strip with a droplet of sample. After ten minutes, you will know if you are negative or positive ”, explained to franceinfo Sabine Szuneritsune, associate professor at the Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (IEMN) and participant in the project.

A manipulation carried out by a professional

“We are improving the procedure and if all goes well, it will be possible to do this test with saliva. We are in the process of confirming these tests with PCRs ”, specifies the researcher. However, the user is not completely independent. It is a specialist who must take the sample of the person tested. The strip must be placed in a test tube and then the tip is placed in the reader, which must be connected to the smartphone.

Researchers performed 1,000 tests per week to validate this technology. They are now looking for a manufacturer capable of producing abundantly the boxes to plug into smartphones. If they don’t get a response, they plan to ask the government for help.


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