(COVID-19) Morocco has 8 million doses of vaccine

Morocco received its fifth batch of vaccine against the new coronavirus on Monday, bringing the number of doses acquired to 8 million, announced Tuesday Abdelkrim Meziane Belfkih, head of the communicable diseases division in the epidemiology and control department. diseases at the Ministry of Health.

One month after the launch of the vaccination campaign, 3,657,468 people received their first dose, while the second was administered to 293,857 beneficiaries, he said during the presentation of the bimonthly epidemiological report.

Mr. Belfkih recalled that the campaign had been broadened to benefit 60-64 year olds as well as those with chronic diseases and benefiting from compulsory medical coverage schemes. He also highlighted the launch and institutionalization of the observation of new strains of the virus within the framework of a consortium of laboratories.

Regarding the epidemiological situation in the kingdom, the official noted that the reproduction rate (R0) of the new coronavirus had stabilized at 0.98 as of last Sunday. For the fifteenth consecutive week, this rate remained below 1%, he said.

As of Tuesday, the number of cases of infection since the start of the pandemic reached 483,766 and that of the dead 8,630, he noted.

“Today, the pandemic is under control and the figures for the epidemiological situation are constantly improving”, underlined Mr. Belfkih, noting however that “vigilance must remain in place and the restrictive measures which have enabled us to control the pandemic must be respected “.


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