Covid-19: MPs (practically) all want to be vaccinated

They are only four! Four deputies out of 310 to answer “no, I do not want to be vaccinated tomorrow, if that was possible”. The Parisian-Today in France decided to survey the 577 representatives of the Nation by questioning them individually by email. The result is significant: 54% of them, from all political stripes, lent themselves to the exercise.

Verdict: it is a plebiscite in favor of vaccination with 98.7% in favor of the vaccine and, therefore, four “refuzniks”. It must be said that the Palais Bourbon was hit hard by the epidemic. He saw the birth around his refreshment bar one of the first outbreaks of Covid-19 in France. Since last March, at least 100 people have been infected there, including 32 deputies. Jean-Luc Reitzer (LR), from Haut-Rhin, almost did not survive.

Four “nonists” for an overwhelming majority of “yes”

Resistant to eloquent CV. Martine Wonner, MP for Bas-Rhin, who after having supported the treatment recommended by Didier Raoult with hydroxychloroquine was illustrated by her participation in the conspiracy documentary “Hold-Up”. To justify her reservations, she blames the messenger RNA vaccine because “it was manufactured extremely quickly” and fears “side effects”. Arguments yet swept away by experts.

Jennifer De Temmerman, elected from the North, opposes the same refusal. Both, ex-LREM, now sit in the Libertés et Territoires group, with an eclectic composition. Amélia Lakrafi (LREM), representing French people living abroad, says she is waiting for a vaccine that “protects against the risk of contamination of others”. Last of the gang of four, the Republican Julien Aubert, never stingy with a provocation, refuses “the Pfizer or any other vaccine which requires a cold chain with special freezers”.

Amélia Lakrafi, Martine Wonner, Julien Aubert and Jennifer De Temmerman: the four vaccine-resistant ./AFP/Jacques Demarthon / Christophe Archambault / Ludovic Marin and LP / Olivier Corsan

In the ranks of the skeptics, the sovereignist Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, who calls for “additional studies” and the ex-LREM Joachim Son-Forget. The latter’s Twitter account has just been suspended after he impersonated Donald Trump. They say “neither yes nor no”.

“The British variant made me rock”

In addition, three deputies told us that they did not wish to comment. Uncomfortable? Willingness to maintain an ambiguous discourse on the issue? Among them, the spokesperson for the National Rally, Sébastien Chenu. However, its boss, Marine Le Pen, after having made the suspense last for several weeks and declared that she preferred “to wait for a traditional vaccine”, finally changed course this weekend. “I said in December that I will not get the vaccine until my doctor receives the vaccine studies. […] Today we have the studies ”, justified the president of the RN, who now“ awaits her turn ”.

Today, our survey shows it is a plebiscite in favor of the vaccine. From left to right via the Walkers, Insoumis included (provided that the French have the choice of vaccines). Nevertheless, a certain number of our elected officials, like many French people, have clearly evolved on the issue in recent weeks. This is the case of Marie-Christine Dalloz (LR): “Like many people, I was skeptical, I was waiting. […] The first trigger was the fact that healthcare workers were vaccinated en masse. Then the arrival of the British variant made me switch, ”said this elected member of the Jura.

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“I tend to be cautious vis-à-vis vaccines and even more with this one on which we lack perspective, says for his part the elected representative of Val-d’Oise, Antoine Savignat (LR). A few weeks ago, I would have refused to be vaccinated. But that seems to be the only way to achieve collective immunity, so reason will prevail, I will get vaccinated. “The range of caregivers to be vaccinated, the fear of variants, and the extremely rare side effects that have appeared to date, have gradually gained ground. Much more effective than the soft policy of persuasion of the government.

Lead by example or not?

In all cases, one concern transcends political divisions: not to give the impression of claiming the slightest “free pass”. On the right as on the left and in the extremes, there is no question of asking to be vaccinated before the rest of the French, as a priority. Apart from the ten health professionals over 50 who continue to practice when they are not in the Assembly and who have the right to be vaccinated since the end of last week, none of the other elected officials has still got the slightest injection.

The eight MPs who are over 75 still have to wait until Monday, January 18. The younger ones will probably be patient for many months. “The deputies should not benefit from any privilege”, warns Christophe Castaner, deputy of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and president of the LREM group.

On all the benches, one wonders: is it appropriate to put forward its vaccination? “We must set an example for our population”, certifies Isabelle Florennes, of the MoDem. “The vaccination of elected officials is an example,” assures Republican Eric Woerth. Jean Lassalle, him, refuses in his famous accent of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques to be a standard bearer: “In any crisis, the deputies must be on the front line. But I don’t want my gesture to seem like evangelization. I don’t want to convince or advise anyone to get the vaccine. I am not a doctor. I don’t know the possible side effects. “

Others, more pessimistic, fear they will be counterproductive. “The mistrust of the French towards politicians is so strong that I doubt that getting vaccinated will convince many people …”, laments Cendra Mottin (LREM).

For Agnès Firmin Le Bodo, Agir MP for Le Havre and 52-year-old pharmacist, who was vaccinated this Monday at 1:30 p.m., this debate is irrelevant. “There isn’t a person who doesn’t ask my opinion on the vaccine. And it reassures a lot when I say I’m going to do it. The hesitations of the State at the start created more doubt than confidence… At the local level, we can reassure the French, ”confirms this close friend of the former Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe. Speed ​​up the tempo and trust pharmacists, treating physicians and nurses, this is what Agnès Firmin Le Bodo intended to tell Olivier Véran, who was heard by the Social Affairs Committee of the Assembly on Tuesday.

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