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The Government announced that a new age group would join the vaccination program in Lima and Callao. Thus, as of Tuesday, August 31, people aged 34 and 35 could begin to be vaccinated against the due to the arrival of more doses to the country, as announced this morning by the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Gustavo Rossel.

“Now, with the arrival of more vaccines, we will be able to advance with other age groups. On Tuesday we are going down to the group of 34 to 35 years old and surely on the weekend we will present a report with the minister (of Health), depending on the progress we have, so that in other regions we can also advance with other ages “, declared the vice minister in RPP.


Gamma variant of covid-19 would become the prevalent one in Peru
Lely Solari, infectologist at the National Institute of Health (INS) of the Ministry of Health, informed this newspaper that the Gamma variant has been gaining ground in the country.

Rossel assured that in Metropolitan Lima and in Callao in this sixth vaccination the immunization process will be maintained for people of 36 and 37 years with the first dose, as well as those over 38, 39 and 40 years old who are waiting for your second dose of the vaccine. The stragglers could also attend.

“This Saturday and Sunday we will have 36 hours of uninterrupted work from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm in 28 vaccination centers. We are also working with the regions. There are 17 regions apart from Lima that we are going to work on this vaccine with different age groups. What we are looking for is to standardize the country and surely in the coming weeks we will already be vaccinating 30-year-old citizens “said the vice minister.

What vaccines will be applied?

The director of Immunizations of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Gabriela Jiménez, pointed out that both in Metropolitan Lima, Callao and in the 15 regions, the doses of Sinopharm, Pfizer and AstraZeneca will be applied.

However, those who have received the AstraZeneca vaccine in another region and are in Lima this weekend to apply the second dose, can contact Line 113 to request the same brand of vaccine.

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COVID-19: Vaccination of people over 36 years old begins in Lima and Callao
The vaccination process against COVID-19 continues to advance and more and more young adults are able to approach the immunization centers to receive the doses of Pfizer and Sinopharm. Find out all the details in the following video.



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