COVID-19: Ottawa buys 1.5 million pills against the virus

Ottawa has signed two agreements to receive 1.5 million pills to treat the worst symptoms of COVID-19.

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The first agreement with Pfizer, which has already supplied a large part of the vaccines received in the country, provides for the arrival of a million of these oral treatments, confirmed Friday the Minister of Supply, Filomena Tassi.

The second involves the company Merck, with which Ottawa has agreed to a first delivery of 500,000 capsules, with the option of receiving another 500,000 if necessary.

“While vaccines continue to play a critical role in preventing the spread and severity of cases, there is a need for other treatment options to help reduce the burden of COVID-19,” said said Marwan Akar, President and CEO of Merck Canada.

Note that none of these products have yet been approved by Health Canada, but that the government is preparing to deliver them to the provinces as soon as public health gives the green light.

2.9 million doses for children

Canada has received a total of 2.9 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine specifically designed for children aged 5 to 11.

The number of doses currently in stock is “enough to immunize all eligible children across the country,” Minister Tassi announced.

These COVID-19 vaccines contain concentrations of messenger RNA three times smaller than vaccines for people 12 years of age and older.


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