COVID-19 outbreaks caused by employees of private health agencies | Coronavirus

According to data compiled by the cISS, 7 employees from private agencies have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since November. Of these, 3 contracted the virus while performing their duties.

We have already had confirmed cases [ayant mené à des éclosions] in our living environments, confirmed the CEO of cISS from Bas-Saint-Laurent, Isabelle Malo.

For reasons of confidentiality, the directors of cISS however refuse to say in which establishments these cases were listed.

Ms. Malo adds that screenings are carried out before and during the passage of these employees.

We do tests when staff arrive, after 5 working days and after 12 days with us.

Isabelle Malo, CEO of the CISSS du Bas-Saint-Laurent

According to Ms. Malo, these guidelines are higher than the standards required by the ministry. Despite all these checks, some cases have been detected. However, there would be no link between employees of private agencies and the current outbreaks.

Isabelle Malo, President and CEO of the CISSS du Bas-Saint-Laurent (archives)

Photo: Radio-Canada / Simon Turcotte

Currently the cISS identifies two emerging environments, the CHSLD from Chauffailles to Rivière-du-Loup and the Transitional Functional Rehabilitation Unit of Mont-Joli.

In addition, just over 22,000 hours of work were carried out by external personnel during the month of January in Bas-Saint-Laurent. This is 2% of all hours worked in health facilities in the region.

For her part, the regional president of the FIQ Cindie Soucy disputes the screening carried out by the agencies when their employees make a return trip to another region while they are working in an establishment in the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

A person who returns home for their weekend will not be tested automatically upon their return! Yet it should be.

Cindie Soucy, regional president of the FIQ
Cindie Soucy, President of the FIQ

Cindie Soucy, regional president of the FIQ (archives)

Photo: Radio-Canada / François Gagnon

At the same time, Cindie Soucy recalls that establishments in certain sectors such as La Mitis, Matane and Matapedia more often than elsewhere need private agencies to fill the various shifts.

According to data from cISS of Bas-Saint-Laurent, 121 of their employees have received a positive diagnosis since the start of the 2e vague.

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