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Colombia’s Senator Humana Gustavo Petro, one of the most visible opposition leaders in Colombia, surprised this Sunday with a proposal for President Iván Duque: a meeting to build an agenda against covid-19.

“I propose to President Duque to meet to jointly build a national agenda in defense of life against the covid. A common threat must be faced with a common strategy that enhances the strength of the nation to overcome the problem, “said Petro through his social networks.

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The invitation is surprising, since Petro has been one of the most critical of the National Government in dealing with the handling of the pandemic.

Even a few days ago there was controversy over the proposal made by the left-wing senator a few days ago to the Spanish Government to transfer part of its surplus vaccines against covid-19 to ColombiaSince, as he said, that country like others in Europe bought more than 10 percent of the total doses required by its population.

The National Government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, disavowed Petro’s request, without mentioning it, in an official statement that states: “By decision of the President of the Republic, the only person authorized to carry out efforts to obtain access to vaccines or treatments doctors to deal with the covid-19 pandemic is the Minister of Health, Dr. Fernando Ruiz ”.

Precisely, last Friday it was learned that Colombia finally has a start date for the covid-19 vaccination (February 20) and guaranteed doses to vaccinate 35 million people, representing the 70 percent of the population. According to President Iván Duque, who assured the purchase of 10 million doses of Moderna’s vaccine, with which Colombia already has 61 million doses.



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