Covid 19 protocols are evaluated in health centers in Táchira

In order to evaluate each and every one of the biosafety protocols that are applied in the state of Táchira – from April 2020 to the present – and to take stock of the covid-19 cases, the first meeting of the entire union of the health sector of the entity both public and private in the facilities of the Teatro Alí Primera de San Cristóbal.

The activity was attended by G / D Ángel Moronta Juliao, Commander of the Comprehensive Defense Zone (Zodi Táchira), accompanied by Dr. Amelia Fressel, the Single Health Authority and Col. Leonel Monsalve Lobo, director of the Military Hospital Cap. (AV) (F) Guillermo Hernández Jacobsen. Likewise, the director of the Táchira State Health Corporation, Ildemaro Pacheco, among other health authorities of the Andean entity, participated in the meeting.

The meeting allowed the articulation and coordination of everything related to medical care, biosafety protocols, hospital beds for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), isolations, treatments, medical supplies and everything related to covid-19 and the care provided to patients in the entity.

GD Moronta Juliao affirmed that “we are at the forefront of biosafety protocols, at the forefront of receiving more than 100,000 fellow nationals with all their medical assistance, their mobilization to their states of origin, in perfect union, civic-military-police, and the Protectorate of the state of Táchira, thus avoiding the spread to the rest of the country ”.

In this sense, the spokesperson indicated that the central idea is to refresh all the protocols, inform the people of Tachi again, what they should do, where they should go, who is going to attend to them, in short, that the people of Tachira stay well informed.

“We have advanced in a great offensive by health and doctors so that when we receive the vaccine in the next few months, we have everything prepared, as is the case with the Census and the Cold Rooms in order to preserve the vaccines, preparing ourselves and we are always one step ahead ”Moronta said.

They arrive 10.000 PCR tests

For her part, Dr. Amelia Fressel, the sole Health authority in the entity, stated that 10,000 PCR tests arrived, yielding an effective result in 10 minutes, and that it is applicable to those with symptoms of less than 5 days, because otherwise it would not be effective.

“It is a faster PCR, it is a reliable and safe genetic test, with the aforementioned particularity. It is as faithful as normal PCR ”, he stressed.

The Comprehensive Community Health Areas (Asic) together with the Cuban Medical Mission are in charge of collecting information on people by age, sex and comorbidity (which is the parallel disease) in each sector that are geographically distributed in the Popular Offices.

“The census will allow us to have the entire population characterized and start the vaccination process without delay without setbacks, when so authorized and indicated by the Vice President of the Republic,” said Fressel.

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