Covid-19: Raphaël Varane invites “not to turn in on yourself”

The day of his 27th birthday, celebrated on Saturday April 25 in Madrid, Raphaël Varane, the world champion defender, confined with his wife and his son, told his daily life, turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic, in a videoconference organized by the French Federation (FFF) and published on its official website.

“When things like this fall on us, we have to adapt and keep moving. Do not mop up or fold in on yourself, “said the Real Madrid player, who appeared with a new look and longer hair. “I didn’t have the opportunity to go to the hairdresser, he laughs, and I like to change a little. “

During this period, he explained that he fully enjoyed his family life. Her 3-year-old son Ruben joined him during the Skype session. “It is a pleasure to take advantage of my son, to share very good moments with him. He wakes me up a bit at night, jokes Varane. I am a real papa poule. I love playing with him, playing sports. I also like bedtime. When he takes a nap, I play with PlayStation at Warzone in Call Of Duty. I work quick thinking. “

Asked about the postponement of one year of Euro 2020, he shows himself to be a philosopher while passing on a message. “We already have very busy calendars. I hope that our leaders will make sure that it does not become unbearable and insurmountable for the players, he insists. I was in a very good season. For some players, this postponement saves time. I hope to be on top next year. Already we have to see when we will resume our profession, training and matches. It is difficult to project, to see in the long term. We live from day to day. “

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“We are not going to complain”

Confronted, like everyone else, with a new situation, he relativizes. “We keep the smile and the morale. We are not going to complain. People find themselves in far more difficult situations. I am also thinking of those who work in hospitals. They put their health and their lives at risk. We applaud them. “

Responsible for determining the modalities of the resumption of competitive sport in Spain, the Spanish Minister of Health remained cautious, Sunday, April 26, when he addressed the objectives of La Liga, which wishes to test all the players in order to resume training then the competition, stopped since March 12.

Before being able to return to the pitch, footballers will first have to pass a detection test, and checks will continue during preparation. Spain is subject to strict containment until at least May 9.

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