Covid-19: Simeoni admits he cannot impose his health passport in Corsica

After having defended the idea, he admits today a lack of means. The nationalist president of the executive council of Corsica Gilles Simeoni reaffirmed Friday his will to guarantee health security for tourism, while acknowledging that he did not “have the will or the means to impose on anyone” his health passport for access the Isle of Beauty.

“We have made a proposal, it is on the table, it can be improved, it is likely to be modified,” he said during an extraordinary session of the Corsican Assembly, with reference to his proposal. “green pass” or “health passport” which aims to condition entry to the island to the presentation of a negative test at Covid-19.

“What tourists and professionals need is readability and I have said it and repeated it to the government since May 7,” he said, calling on the government to take a clear stand on its proposal then that Prime Minister Edouard Philippe made no reference to Corsica during his announcements Thursday on the pursuit of deconfinement.

Accused of endangering local tourism

He hailed the improvement in the health situation in the country, deeming it “extremely reassuring” and said he was “happy” that “nobody wants to play the politics of the worst” but “our responsibility is to consider all the scenarios ”.

He thus did not consent to the request of the mayor of Bonifacio Jean-Charles Orsucci, elected LREM at the Assembly of Corsica, to “withdraw his green pass », Simply assuring that« if tomorrow sanitary measures were no longer essential, we would be delighted ».

Accused by professionals of the tourism sector and the opposition of condemning the tourist season to death with the request for this “green pass” and the uncertainty it generates regarding the conditions of access to the island, he hammered want to “do everything to make the tourist season a success”.

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