COVID-19: teachers and daycare educators vaccinated as a priority

Workers deemed essential by the government, teachers and daycare educators will be vaccinated as a priority, after the elderly and health workers.

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“They will be put on the list of essential workers,” said Friday the Dr Richard Massé from the Public Health Department, who accompanied the Minister of Education to a press conference.

Of course, patients in CHSLDs, private residences for the elderly and healthcare workers always have priority. Next come the groups most vulnerable to COVID-19, namely Quebeckers aged 80 and over, 70 and over and those in their sixties.

So-called essential workers, such as teachers and early childhood workers, are next on the list. “They will be vaccinated before people of their age, from their priority group, that is to say in the first half of people who will be vaccinated” in Quebec, specified the Dr Massé.

Depending on the vaccination schedule, we can think that workers in the education and daycare network could be inoculated in early spring, towards the end of March or at the beginning of April.

A decision that pleases the education unions.

“Finally, we come to say that it is true that education personnel and that school is a priority in Quebec, after health care people and the most vulnerable people, yes, people and education staff will need to be vaccinated because they come into contact with the virus on a daily basis. This is news that will please teachers, ”immediately reacted the president of the Federation of Education Unions, Josée Scalabrini.

– With the collaboration of Daphnée Dion-Viens


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