Covid-19: the asymptomatic have as many viruses in them as the symptomatic –

In South Korea, a study conducted on 303 people reveals that 29% of those infected with Covid-19 have never shown symptoms. Yet they have as many viruses within them as symptomatic patients.


The study was carried out by Seungjae lee of the’University of Soonchunhyang. Published Thursday, August 6 in the American magazine Jama Internal Medicine, the study relates to an outbreak of contamination in a religious group (25 years on average) in Daegu, in the month of February.

Positive cases with little or no symptoms were isolated in a government dormitory building. The medical staff meticulously monitored the progress of their symptoms, regularly testing their viral load.

Of the 303 people, 89 never showed symptoms (29%). Since these patients were locked up until they tested negative, doctors were able to distinguish between cases. pre-symptomatic real ones asymptomatic. And 21 individuals who initially presented themselves as positive in coronavirus and without symptoms, finally got some.

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The study mainly reveals that the concentrations of virus at the asymptomatic were “similar to those of symptomatic patients”. And finding residual viral particles in the nose, throat, or lungs doesn’t necessarily mean they’re contagious.

Many questions still arise around the new coronavirus and several researchers around the world continue to study it.

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