Covid-19: the over 75s and the most vulnerable vaccinated from Monday

After the the elderly and the people with disabilities housed in collective structures as well as health professionals and the medico-social personnel, the vaccination campaign takes on a general public dimension. Overview.

The government is stepping up the pace and expanding access to immunization. At the level of Corsica, the evolution of the strategy, from this Monday, will consist of moving to the general public phase. In this new configuration, the method still follows a gradual logic and the same sense of priorities prevails.

So, “on January 18th, the vaccination campaign is open to all over 75s as well as people with a pathology that exposes them to a very high risk of Covid-19. They must present a medical prescription in order to benefit from an injection “, summarizes Marie-Hélène Lecenne, general director of the regional health agency -ARS – of Corsica.

The list of patients most vulnerable to the coronavirus includes people with cancer and malignant hematological diseases undergoing chemotherapy treatment, those suffering from severe chronic kidney disease, or those undergoing dialysis treatment.

Transplant recipients including allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, those who accumulate chronic pathologies, are also part of the contingent, such as people with Down’s syndrome and those carrying rare diseases.

At this time, only the Pfizer / BionNTech vaccine will be administered. As has been done since January 6. “As a reminder, this is a messenger RNA vaccine that has been authorized as the Moderna vaccine. The latter is reserved for four regions in which viral circulation is much more active “, recalls the regional director.

In the medium term, the lines drawn could movesince we are expecting AstraZeneca to go to market at the beginning of February. This vaccination campaign will therefore include several stages which will coincide with the consideration of additional age groups and the use of new vaccines “, she continues.

We are moving forward, at the rate of the marketing of vaccines and the measures taken at European level.

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26,156 doses by February

At the moment, six weeks of supply have been preset for the island, equivalent to a total of 26,156 doses by February, part of which will act as a second dose to be administered 28 days after the first. Which requires an unprecedented logistics chain.

“It is the national authorities which trigger the delivery by Pfizer of the doses for Corsica which are stored in the super freezers of the two hospitals in Ajaccio and Bastia.”

From these pivotal establishments, “territorial” delivery circuits are set up as far as vaccination centers, medico-social establishments such as nursing homes, specialized reception centers – MAS – and medicalized reception centers – Fam .

To be transported, the doses must be thawed. During the journey, they will be kept at a temperature between 2 and 8 °. It will be the same at the vaccination sites. The shelf life of the precious liquid will not exceed 5 days. And barely started, a bottle should be consumed within six hours maximum.

Eleven vaccination centers will be operational the day after tomorrow. A week later, the network will expand to Cargèse and Sarrola-Carcopino. “With this total of 13 centers due on January 25, we wanted to give priority to a local offer as much as possible, taking into account the logistical constraints of supply and product conservation”, explains Marie-Hélène Lecenne.

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1,599 injections performed

Since the ARS of Corsica, we do not hide it, the vaccination against Covid-19 is only just beginning. “ This articulation, despite the large number of doses received and even just in time, does not allow everyone to be vaccinated immediately. It is likely that the appointment times will be extended. Each vaccination center adapts the number of appointment slots to the number of doses granted“.

In February, Corsica should experience a second phase of vaccination with the arrival of the AstraZeneca vaccine. On condition that the European Medicines Agency gives the green light.

To date, 1,599 people have received their first dose of vaccine on the island, or 472 people vaccinated per 100,000 inhabitants. No adverse effects were noted.

According to the daily epidemiological assessment, there were 50 new positive cases yesterday – 23 in Corse-du-Sud and 27 in Haute-Corse – two additional hospitalizations and two new clusters in Corse-du-Sud, in a health facility and in a sports club.

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Up to 500 appointment requests per day

A dynamic of increasing load. This is the phenomenon observed in recent days at the vaccination center of Porto-Vecchio, Doctor Paul-André Colombani – also a member of the second constituency of Corse-du-Sud.

“We started vaccinating healthcare professionals last week. We had received almost 110 doses. Now we have obtained 350 doses. This has already enabled us to start vaccinating the over 75 years.”

At the same time, there are more and more volunteers for vaccination. “We went from 10 to 15 calls to 400 or even 500 calls daily,” he notes. And the open waiting list is growing day by day. As of Monday, the municipality of Porto-Vecchio will make additional secretaries available to health professionals.

In some villages, such as Zonza, we have started to identify people who are mobile and those who are not. Under study, the establishment of a transport system to transport those who wish and who are sufficiently alert to the vaccination center of Porto-Vecchio.

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