COVID-19/Three major factors have spread the epidemic in Europe! WHO: 500,000 people may die from the epidemic in March next year-Heho健康

The European epidemic has not yet shown signs of improvement. The BBC reported that Dr. Hans Kruger, the regional director of the World Health Organization, warned: “Europeans neglect the severity of the spread. Unless urgent action is taken, there may be 50 Ten thousand people died from the epidemic.” Several European countries with more severe epidemics have not ruled out the possibility of another lockdown.

In several European countries, the new crown infection rate has reached a record high, which will cause the resurgence of the epidemic. Dr. Kruger believes: “Winter, insufficient vaccine coverage, and more infectious Delta variants, three factors are the continuous epidemic. The reason for the spread.” He called for increased vaccination, implementation of basic public health measures and new medical measures to help fight the epidemic.

For example, the Austrian government fired the first shot in Europe and announced on November 19 that it would re-implement the nationwide lockdown. It is expected that vaccination will be mandatory nationwide before February 1 next year.

Germany is also a country with low vaccine coverage in Europe. The proportion of complete vaccination in Germany is only 68%. The intensification of the epidemic has caused many experts to discuss whether Germany should follow in Austria’s footsteps and offer vaccine injunctions and other measures. Public health expert Lauderbach (Karl Lauterbach) said: “If you want to defeat the Delta mutant, an injunction may even be inevitable.”

It’s just that the soaring number of confirmed diagnoses in Germany can overwhelm the amount of medical care. German Chancellor Merkel agreed that when the rate of severe hospitalization in a place reaches a certain value, a “2G policy” must be introduced to prohibit unvaccinated people from entering restaurants, watching sports competitions, or participating. big event.

Germany’s new regulations are similar to the Netherlands’ anti-epidemic restrictions. The Netherlands plans to prohibit unvaccinated people from entering cafes and bars, but as a result, anti-epidemic demonstrations have occurred in the Netherlands, which has a rebound effect.

The severe epidemic also includes the number of confirmed cases in France once again breaking through 10,000, and French Prime Minister Jean Castex also diagnosed on November 22Coronavirus disease, The Prime Minister’s Office stated that Castex will adjust his schedule for the next 10 days and continue to work during the quarantine period.

With the increase in cases, many European countries are also adopting new measures. Dr. Hans Kruger said: “We hope that the public will cooperate more with anti-epidemic regulations. At least masks must be worn, and anti-epidemic policies must also be supported by the public, such as vaccination passes. This is not a restriction on freedom, but a tool to protect individual freedom.”

Text, Wang Qianling/Picture, He Yiting

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