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Two-thirds of adults in the federal capital have now received full protection against the virus, while 82% of them have received at least one dose, according to the most recent figures from Ottawa Public Health (OPH).

For the general population, including children who are still ineligible, 72% of city residents received at least one dose and 56% obtained both.

On average, 12,209 people received a dose of the vaccine last week, a marked decrease from the 18,352.9 daily injections the week before.

New cases

In the last 24-hour period, two positive test results have been listed, SPO said in its daily report on COVID-19 transmission.

The number of known active cases remains unchanged from the previous day. SPO announced Monday that there are 25 individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 who are still not considered cured across the city.

Again on Monday, SPO reported on Monday that there are no more people hospitalized due to coronavirus infection. This is a reliable indicator of the level of transmission of COVID-19 in the community, PHO chief medical officer Vera Etches has repeatedly repeated in recent months.


The number of cases of the Delta strain of the virus increased over the weekend. There are now 32 people who have contracted the B.1.167.2 variant, according to the daily report from SPO.

PHO also mentioned Monday that only one Ottawa facility is in an outbreak situation. The full list of locations with an outbreak is available on the SPO website.

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