Covid-19: UEFA threatens to exclude sacred clubs on green carpet from European competitions

Faced with the Coronavirus pandemic, several European federations are thinking about stopping the season and granting the title according to the provisional classification. Belgium was the first on Thursday to endorse the end of its championship on April 15. But the debate is open in the big championships, especially in Italy or England with several voices urging not to resume competitions.

UEFA clearly does not hear this and was quick to react. In a letter to the federations, leagues and clubs, co-signed with the ECA and the European Leagues, and of which AFP has obtained a copy, it considers “premature and not justified” any decision by a national league to definitively interrupt its championship domesticated.

In this letter, the president of the European Football Confederation Aleksander Ceferin says he is “confident” in the prospect of a resumption of football “in the months to come”.

The Champions League postponed?

While all European competitions are suspended, UEFA even says it is ready to postpone the resumption of its lucrative Champions League to allow the national championships to end: “The working groups […] are in daily contact to ensure that the primary objective of bringing the competitions to a conclusion is reached […] including the possibility of UEFA competitions resuming after the end of the domestic leagues ”, in July or August, it is still written.

“It is of paramount importance […] that sports titles be awarded on the basis of results […] We must assure it as long as there is a last possibility and as long as solutions for the calendar, operations and settlement are available ”, the leaders stated in their letter.

These even come to question the possible participation of the clubs of the leagues having interrupted their championship at the next edition of the European Cups. “Participation in UEFA competitions being determined by the sporting result achieved at the end of each full domestic competition, a premature interruption would raise doubts about the fulfillment of this condition”, it is written.

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