Covid-19: Vichy hospital triggers level 1 of the white plan

“In a context of epidemic recovery and capacity saturation of establishments in the AURA region, the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients is increasing significantly. As a result, in consultation with the GHT establishments of public establishments in Allier and du Puy de Dôme, under the aegis of the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital, and the Regional Health Agency, the Vichy Hospital Center, is activating the level 1 white plan “, the Bourbonnais establishment has just announced.

Second wave: around fifteen patients positive for Covid-19 hospitalized in Vichy

Their number has doubled in a few days: currently 33 patients with Covid-19 are hospitalized in the rehabilitation and geriatrics center and in other departments of the Vichy hospital center.

Mobilize resources

Faced with this upsurge in patients, the triggering of the white level 1 plan makes it possible, “to mobilize resources, better prepare to receive patients and increase the number of beds in the units. Consequently, to limit the spread of the virus but also to protect the most vulnerable people and our teams, indicates the establishment, patient visits are now suspended within the hospital center, except medical advice or special provisions “:

? psychiatry: visits authorized by appointment

? pediatrics: authorized visits by parents and siblings only

? maternity: visits authorized to the only accompanying parent and siblings

? palliative care: visits authorized according to medical advice

“For the visits authorized in the above-mentioned cases, it is imperative to respect the barrier gestures and to postpone the visit in the event of signs of infection, even without fever. Likewise, for the consultations, the accompanying persons are not authorized, except for minor and vulnerable patients.

Finally, the entire hospital community reiterates the need for all patients, and not just those with COVID-19, not to forgo care and to come to the hospital to continue receiving treatment. The hospital adapts its organization to the situation to respect hygiene precautions, “said the hospital in a press release.

Elsa Charnay


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