Covid-19: Wallet can receive a vaccination certificate

Wallet on the iPhone can store payment cards, transport tickets, hotel reservations and now also a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19.

Los Angeles County, hit particularly hard by the virus, has started using Wallet (and its Android equivalent) to store evidence that an individual has been vaccinated, Explain Bloomberg. This information is also provided in the form of a paper certificate, but the digital version makes it possible to avoid losing it.

It is all the more important to keep a record of this first injection as a second administration of the vaccine is necessary after a few weeks. For health authorities, this digital trace is considered essential in order to simplify the monitoring of patients already vaccinated and to quickly find when they were seen the first time.

Eventually, this could serve as a “pass” if, by chance, in the future, access to certain places or activities (concerts, plane travel, etc.) were restricted to duly vaccinated people.

The city of Los Angeles relied on a private company, Healthvana, to produce these Wallet passes. Until then, Healthvana had electronically distributed test results and viral tests to patients. The company receives daily information on the vaccinations performed – they are stored on Amazon Web Services servers – and generates these passes.

A delegation to a private protagonist whose health authorities in the city assure that it is surrounded by all the necessary guarantees of confidentiality.


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