Covid-19 – What coverage for the costs of PCR tests carried out abroad?

If it is possible to travel and stay abroad (except strict restrictions), it is imperative to present a PCR test before returning to French territory under penalty of a fine. But how much does a test cost outside our borders since the coverage by Health Insurance does not exceed a fixed price of 60 euros.

If you need to perform a PCR test in an EU Member State or in Switzerland, 100% coverage is provided, but only on the basis of a flat rate of 60 euros. The latter includes both sampling and analysis costs. The overrun therefore remains the responsibility of the patient.

For example, if you have to spend more than 72 hours in a neighboring country, you will have to take a screening test abroad to return to France and advance the costs. Except in the case of symptoms of Covid-19. In this case, coverage will take place immediately upon presentation of your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

But if you do not have one, or if the screening is not essential, the costs will be reimbursed upon your return to France. At this point, you will have to complete the Cerfa 12267 form “Care received abroad” and send it to your health insurance fund, along with the paid invoices.

The price of a PCR test varies greatly from country to country. If in France it costs 54 euros, for example, you have to spend on average between 60 and 150 euros in Germany, 115 and 180 euros in Spain or even 60 euros in Belgium.

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